Load life:85℃ 2000 hours.

Smaller size.

RoHS Compliant to the RoHS Directive.

Ideally suited for switching power supplies ,

telecommunication and other electronic products.

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LQ Product List
Part NumberCapacitanceToleranceTimeSize CodeTCCRated VdcOperate
8223MAMF100LQN011000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ42×100mm 85°C 100V
8223MAMF050LQN011000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ42×50mm 85°C 100V
8223MAMA100LQN08E000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×100mm 85°C 100V
8223LHMH050LQN08E000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ110×50mm 85°C 80V
8223LHMF050LQN08E000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ42×50mm 85°C 80V
8223LHMA100LQN011000 22000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×100mm 85°C 80V
8153LHMA080LQN011000 15000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×80mm 85°C 80V
8153LHMA080LQN91E000 15000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×80mm 85°C 80V
8103MBMF100LQN08E000 10000μF ±20% 2000H Φ42×100mm 85°C 160V
8103LHMA050LQN081000 10000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×50mm 85°C 80V
8103LHMA050LQN011000 10000μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×50mm 85°C 80V
8682MCMF100LQN011000 6800μF ±20% 2000H Φ42×100mm 85°C 200V
8682MAMA060LQN081000 6800μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×60mm 85°C 100V
8472MBMA080LQN08E000 4700μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×80mm 85°C 160V
8472MAMA050LQN081000 4700μF ±20% 2000H Φ35×50mm 85°C 100V
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